My Audit!!! ( Since March 2010)

For the final challenge, we are supposed to write down how many posts I have written and lots more. Since the beginning of March 2010( Student Blogging Challenge ), I had at least written 8 posts ( but of course, I have written more) and all were about the challenges in the student blogging challenges. For the comments, I have at least 11, and all are very nice and respective.  What I like about comments is that it is very interesting to read what the person is saying and maybe what they say I can improve on.  All the posts that were school assignments or just for fun were like at least 3 or maybe 2. I think I should improve on making more informative posts or something interesting about the world. The post I received more comments (4) was on my Spring Break post ( that you can find in my blog if you scroll down; after you read this, right now).  I think I received more comments on this is that I really described what I was going to do. The post I enjoyed writing most was my Poetry posts (that you can also find further down my blog) because when I write down the poems, it makes me feel good and calm. Well, thank you for reading this post about my records and if you have more questions, please comment!!!!!!

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