Bye, Bye 6th Grade!! Hello, 7th Grade!!

I am so sad that I am leaving almost leaving  6th grade because I had a fun time with my friends and with Miss Nichols. I will miss my team Princeton. Oh yea! In Bengal Bowl, Yale won but at least it wasn’t Harvard or else I would be very annoyed. I am looking forward for 7th grade and I hope I start with very good grades.  Well, have a happy summer vacation everybody 🙂 !!!!

Persuasive Essay

Uniforms in Jane Addams??

Us, students, are hearing lots of rumors that Mr.Noyes(my school principal) is going to make us wear uniforms to school. Uniforms I think are not useful to our school right now because we are OK with regular clothes.I know that Mr.Noyes and maybe other adults that work in the school also think that uniforms is best for us, but the students do not want uniforms and this is why.

Uniforms, you know, cost a lot of $$$ or money. Sometimes one pair of uniforms can cost up to forty dollars or maybe a little less. One quick fact is that most uniforms are not bought from the school so this is how some students get their uniforms. First, a store that sells uniforms comes to the school and lays out their clothes for students can buy them. And when the student comes to the school and looks for his or her size, they are ready to buy their uniforms. Some students have no money to buy uniforms and that can turn out to be a very bad situation. Maybe that student wanted to buy something else more important like to get their braces and now they do not have enough money to buy their braces only because the uniforms.

Also, I do not think that uniforms are necessary in Jane Addams Middle School because sometimes when you get your uniform and you get all excited what it is and then it results that it is not what you expected and you get all disappointed and maybe angry. This happens to a lot of people and I do not want that to happen to me because I also would disappointed. I hate cracky skirts and if that is what I get for a uniform, I would very mad. And I assure you that this can happen to anyone if they get a uniform.

Uniforms, you know are worn almost by EVERYONE in your whole school and look exactly like you. I do not feel comfortable that everybody in your school looking exactly like you and I think that everybody needsto be unique in some way and some how. Being unique is what makes you be you and if you get the privilege of wearing what you wear, you won’t be your normal self. Being different is so cool because you will feel that you are you.

Even though many people want uniforms including Mr.Noyes, the principal, of Jane Addams, the students of this school do not want uniforms and we are asking for your help. And I am going to tell you for the last time to help stop uniforms and you can make a difference.

Will the World End in 2012?

This is a question everyone wants to know, including me. I don’t really think this true, but anything can happen in the world. Scientists think it is true because this year, there had been LOTS of earthquakes that had been up to 8.5 in magnitude.  I hope the world doesn’t end on 2012 or else it would be a very short life for me and all the other children in the world. Do you think that the world is going to end in 2012?

BeNgAl BoWl!!!!!!

Bengal Bowl is on June 17th and it is the best day ever in my school!! I am so excited about this because it is going to be so fun. I’m in team Princeton and we are going to be winners this year. There are going to be huge inflatables all over my school. 6th grade has three teams which are the following: Princeton(Yeah!!), Harvard, and Yale. All the teams will be competing to be winners of Bengal Bowl. I hope this year Princeton wins. There will be 5 wet relays and 5 dry relays. It will be so cool!! At lunch, there will be a… barbecue party!!! Hooray!! I hope this day comes soon!!!

Princeton Rocks!!!!!

My Class Blog Nomination is….

My class blog nomination is….  Miss Nichols Class Blog!!!!! This blog is the best blog I have ever seen!!! I love this blog because Miss Nichols(my favorite teacher) always puts new things daily and they are very interesting to read!!! I didn’t choose this only because she is my teacher, I chose this blog because it actually represents who we are.  Also, what I like about this blog is that there are many widgets like our virtual team pet, Purrrinceton. I hope you enjoy this blog just like I did and if you want to see other class blogs, go HERE!!!!

My First Nomination is…

My first nomination is… Tulsi’s blog in the Student Blogging Challenge! I really like her blog because each week there is something new! I also like her blog it is very interesting to read and also there is lots of things to see. You should go now to her blog and try out some cool things she has on her blog. You would love it. The reason I chose this blog is that every time you come inside this blog it is so lovely because of all the colors and the enthusiasm in her writing. Hope you comment on my blog and on Tulsi’s.

My Second Nomination is….

My second nomination is……  Desiree’s Blog. I like her blog because it is so lively each time I come into that blog. I hope you get to see this blog because it is the best blog ever! The post I liked best from her is the one that Bubble Gum can help you raise test scores! Can you believe it?  Well,  I think that all blogs are nice but this really jumped out from all. If you want to see the other blogs go HERE!!!!

My Audit!!! ( Since March 2010)

For the final challenge, we are supposed to write down how many posts I have written and lots more. Since the beginning of March 2010( Student Blogging Challenge ), I had at least written 8 posts ( but of course, I have written more) and all were about the challenges in the student blogging challenges. For the comments, I have at least 11, and all are very nice and respective.  What I like about comments is that it is very interesting to read what the person is saying and maybe what they say I can improve on.  All the posts that were school assignments or just for fun were like at least 3 or maybe 2. I think I should improve on making more informative posts or something interesting about the world. The post I received more comments (4) was on my Spring Break post ( that you can find in my blog if you scroll down; after you read this, right now).  I think I received more comments on this is that I really described what I was going to do. The post I enjoyed writing most was my Poetry posts (that you can also find further down my blog) because when I write down the poems, it makes me feel good and calm. Well, thank you for reading this post about my records and if you have more questions, please comment!!!!!!


Love is more than love.

It’s more than the doves up in the sky.

It’s more than the stars way up high.

It’s more than the sun’s gleaming light.

It’s more than the dark smooth night.

If love is more than love, THAN WHAT IS IT?